We want to change the way people look at communication

Our vision is to change the way we look at communication and what it can deliver. The journey has just only begun and so far it’s going really fast.

Passion and happiness

We love what we are doing, and that gives happy clients. We are also having a lot of fun on the way!

The fellowship amongst us

We do things together, and we help each other. That is one of our secrets to success for an excellent workplace and a kick-ass delivery!

Percipient and directive

We listen and are focused on solving problems. That makes it possible for us to be both trend-starters and experts in our customer guidance.


The society is getting more digitalized and e-commerce is continuously increasing. Customers make no difference in online and offline and expect the same service. That puts new demands on personal treatment and high availability.



The goal was to create interactive experiences that exceed the visitor’s expectations and increase companies business. ImBox has since its inception been established as a leading communications solution.

Made in Sweden

ImBox is a Swedish IT company that was founded by Joakim Rosén and Marcus Johansson. The goal was to create an innovative service with high relevance within digital marketing. Today, both the goal and the amount of products has increased!

The ImBox family is a mixture of talents with a good attitude

At ImBox everyone is important. Everybody is different which creates an extremely developing environment.

So far, we have gotten the trust of many different participants in different trades. Our customer base is made up of everything from global, well-established companies to smaller corporations with exciting and unique niches.

They do have one thing in common: they put high demands on the digital presence on their website. A presence that decreases the space between the visitors and companies online.

Behind every single delivery, there’s a solid work. When we see the effects, it motivates us to keep up the hard work for our clients and grow together!