Molnbaserad telefoni - IP-telefoni för företag

Cordless & seamless switchboard telephony

Cloud-based switchboard telephony provides a seamless customer experience without (cord) tangles! It is called Softphone – because it is equally nice to have all customer dialogs connected to the same tool, as well as soft to not have to buy a hardware. Gather all your contact channels in ImBox.

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Pick up the phone & take your customer service to the next level!

Serve a wider customer audience by phone!

Your customer and target audience often prefer different ways of contact. Make it simple & frictionless to get the right information or to buy from you!

Always provide the correct service with telephony!

No long forum threads that are out of date, or forgotten help articles that have incorrect information. By phone, you always answer your customer’s question with up-to-date information.

Switchboard telephony that saves time & money!

You can make your own settings, changes and retrieve statistics from your telephony, without
having to ask someone for help. In addition, you do not need to buy any hardware.

What is cloud-based switchboard telephony?

You’ll find switchboard telephony in our easy-to-use client interface – in the same tool as all our other customer services. It gives you a complete overview of all customer dialogues and makes you easily available for calls via your computer, or forwards the calls to your smartphone if you’re on the go.

Manage incoming and outgoing calls at the touch of a button, select a specific call from a particular queue or forward calls if you need help.

Plus, you can tag all calls with unique labels and take notes during the call – making it easy for colleagues to pick up on previous cases and for your business to analyse what customers really want help with.

With cloud-based telephony, you get statistics that help you improve customer service and help you plan your staffing.

With cloud-based telephony, you get statistics that help you improve customer service and help you plan your switchboard staffing.

IP-telefoni för företag

Cloud-based telephony with statistics – improve your customer service with data & logic.

In the statistics tool, you can retrieve data that teaches you more about your customers. What time of day most people call in, when most calls are missed and what customers want to know more about! By tagging the calls with different labels, you can sort out what the phone calls are about and proactively improve the customer experience on your website. And much, much more!

“Our Customer Service has grown together with Imbox since we started the cooperation in 2016 by implementing their chat function. After adding both Case Management and Help Centre over the years, we became complete when ImBox presented their telephony solution.

Finally, we had an all-in-one concept where we gathered all communication channels and customer cases in one single client.”

Niclas Öhrling from Dormy

Increase your competitiveness with IP telephony

 Telephony enables you to build good relationships with existing and potential customers by being available through multiple channels.

Switchboard telephony that makes you more efficient

Having all customer service channels connected to one single tool is extremely time efficient & very user friendly.

Cost-effective IP telephony

A simple “do-it-yourself” tool where you manage all settings and statistics yourself, without having to ask anyone else for help.

Telephony in probably the world’s simplest IT-system

A user-friendly interface that gives you a complete overview of all customer dialogues and enhances the customer experience.

Cloud-based switchboard telephony

With IP telephony you don’t need to buy any extra hardware. Cordless & borderless – and you’re good as you are!

Telephony with unique statistics!

Get closer to your customer with telephony, adapt your service to what the customer needs & when they need it. For a frictionless omni experience!

Frequently asked questions & answers

Why should you use IP telephony from ImBox?

IP telephony, or cloud-based switchboard telephony, means that the telephony is available in the cloud. That is, via your computer or mobile phone. This means that you can answer from your computer in the same view as you handle all other customer communications. Or answer incoming calls on your mobile phone via the ImBox app.

Tycker du att det är smidigt att hantera alla konversationer med dina kunder i samma verktyg och vill du slippa logga in i flera system för att göra det? Vill du dessutom slippa investera i dyra hårdvaror men fortfarande vill erbjuda din kund ytterligare ett sätt att kontakta dig? Är du intresserad av att äntligen kunna få statistik på dina samtal och kunddialoger? Ja, då – då är ImBox Telefoni något för dig.

Do you think it’s convenient to manage all conversations with your customers in the same tool and don’t want to have to log into multiple systems to do so? Do you also want to avoid investing in expensive hardware, but still want to offer your customer another way to contact you? Are you interested in finally getting statistics on your calls and customer dialogues? Well, then ImBox Telephony is for you.

Can I get statistics on all phone calls?

Yes, you can! ImBox offers you as a customer the opportunity to retrieve valuable statistics – and we give it to you free of charge. Just like with all our services.

Why should I want statistics on my calls?

Statistics on your call history are a true goldmine. We want you to give your staff the right conditions to provide great service and we want you to exceed your customers’ expectations!

  • Get information about when the most people call you and plan your resources so that the telephony is always staffed according to your customers’ behaviour.
  • Get information on the time of day when most calls are missed and if customers call in after hours – again to staff your customer service according to your customers’ behaviour!
  • “Label” your calls and make it easy to update your website or FAQ with “frequently asked questions” and other topics from your customer calls. Get to know your customer and streamline your customer service!

How easy is it for you to get started with ImBox Telephony?

Just as easy as with all ImBox services! Two weeks after you decide to test ImBox Telephony, the service is ready to use.
All you need to do is decide which number(s) to port, or you can also choose to get a new number from us. Then you need to provide us with the following:

  • Inspelning av en personlig hälsningsfras och knappval
  • Välja vilka knappval som ska finnas för olika köer, ex. “Tryck 1 för Support, Tryck 2 för Ekonomi.. “etc
  • Vilken “vänt-musik” du ska ha i telefonkön. Ex. “Vänta!” med Laleh eller “Ring, ring”
  • Skapa grupper och bestämma vilken kollega som ska tillhöra vilka “Grupper”. Ex. Anna ska kunna ta samtal i “Support”, “Reklamation” och “Retur”.
  • Which number(s) to port
  • Recording a personalised greeting and button selection
  • Information about which button choices should be available for different queues, ex. “Press 1 for Support, Press 2 for Finance…” etc.
  • Which “waiting music” you want in the phone queue. Ex. any pop song or a simple “Ring, ring”.
  • Create groups and decide which colleague should belong to which “Groups”. Ex. Anna should be able to take calls in “Support”, “Complaints” and “Returns”.

How do I make myself available for calls?

Du loggar in i ImBox Klienten aktiverar “Tillgänglig för samtal” och öppnar upp de telefonköer du vill ta samtal ifrån, med en enkel knapptryckning. Ex. Grupp “Reklamation”, Grupp “Retur” och Grupp “Support”. Här kan du också välja om det är specifika samtal du vill ta emot genom att plocka ur dem från telefonkön.
You log in to the ImBox Client, activate “Available for calls” and simply choose which phone queues you want to take calls from – and you are good to go! If there is a specific incoming call you want to receive, you are able to hand pick them straight from the phone queue too.

What is coaching/listening for?

Listening in on calls is both educational and helps your current and future customer get really good service. As a listener, you can now participate in a call without the customer hearing that you are connected to the call. You can coach your staff in the call to help them provide better service and upsell – and train yourself too!

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