Increased number of requests for their services security advice

“We experience the collaboration with ImBox as smooth and personal. In need of support or to discuss setup changes, they respond quickly and deliver solutions.”

Fewer incoming phone calls with chat

In this case study Susanne Anderson, Customer Success Manager shares her and SSF purpose of using ImBox Online and how they achieve to reach the goals they printed down.

“We aimed to extend the availability against our customers and stakeholders with a simple and fast way to communicate. The desired effect was to get satisfied customers and to some extent reduce incoming phone calls in favor of more on chats.”

Achieved the effects we wanted

– By increasing our presence and availability on our website with ImBox Online, we have received a very positive response from our visitors who experience a very high service that’s fast and good. The reaction is valuable feedback that ensures us that we achieved the goals we put down by using the chat.

The ImBox product is easy to use for the customers, and it hasn’t been an issue with us wanting the visitors to leave their email or other information before starting a chat.

Received more requests

We have received more requests for our service “counseling” through the chat.

Satisfied customers

Our visitors find that the service is easy to use, it gives us satisfied customers.


Discovered new customer needs

We discover unique needs of our visitors, which we have not identified before.

Evolve better customer relationshipsr

We also see a difference in the use of business visitors and individuals. Companies that contact us have more frequently asked questions about our standards, unlike individuals who are more likely to have questions regarding their subscription or purchase in the webshop.

It gives us more significant opportunity to respond to our visitors’ needs and in the long run, develop better customer relationships.

Unexpected and positive surprises with chat

Using the chat has also brought positive effects that we hadn’t counted on, for instance, we have received more requests for our service “counseling” via the chat.
Another example is that we can see that our visitors have needs that we had not discovered before, which is very rewarding for us at customer service!

SSF Stöldsskyddsförening

Industry: Non-profit organisation
Target group: B2C, B2B
Uses: ImBox Online


  • As a company, we perceived as modern
  • We can provide superb service that relieves our customer service
  • Easy to use for the visitors