Lundin Real Estate Agency get’s more leads

“Our customer is extremely thankful for the quick response, nicely treatment and simple contact.”

How to work with chat and forms

Martina, Thorén customer care manager at Lundin says that the challenges with starting with digital presence were to discover what kind of information the visitors were interested in and at the same time collect leads. Also to find a setup that would be valuable for the visitors so they would use the chat and form.

How is the response?

– A great value that we have seen is that our customers are incredibly thankful for the quick reply, nicely treatment and simple contact. If no one is logged in, the customers still have the opportunity to fill in their information in the call-back form, and we can quickly take action and get back to them. This call-back is very well used.


Reach visitors at the right time

A clear goal for us was to find a setup the that could reach the visitors just in time to give them the best service as possible, especially a personal treatment.

What’s the key to your success?

– Make sure that your always write a “hello!” directly when a visitor is chatting with you. Carefully read your text before you hit the “enter” so no misspelling occur. One way is to use the pre-defined answers, but we have chosen not to use them, just to give that little extra personal touch!


Lundin Real Estate Agency

Industry: Real estate
Target group: B2C
Uses: ImBox Online, ImBox Forms


  • Quick response to customers
  • Efficiently way to get in contact
  • Modern tools