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What is the membership age limit? What is included in a membership? Can I upgrade my membership? Can I set up direct debit payments?
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Can I upgrade my membership?

You can upgrade your membership at any time. The upgrade will be activated immediately.


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FAQ search box that gives the visitor the right answer immediately

ImBox Answers decreases your recurring issues since the visitor easily can search to find the answer by themselves.




Do you feel like many of your visitors’ questions are recurring?
Would you also like to give the visitor the opportunity to get a quick answer?
If so, an FAQ is relevant to you.

Relieve customer services

Decrease the recurring concerns via telephone and email.

Optimize your sales

Increase the conversion on your website.

Provide valuable tools

Assist your visitors in the best possible way.

Improve your website

Receive invaluable information on how you can improve your website.

Answers and Help Center in one

Of course, you have not missed our FAQ service Answers. An FAQ widget that is visible to the visitor, no matter what page the visitor is on. Here, the visitor will write the question and the answer will be visible directly in the widget for the present page.

  • Answers will easily connect the content of the Help Center.
  • The same content will be used and presented, regardless of the service channel.
  • Everything is sourced and stored in the same place, no need for double work of maintaining various places.

Everything is gathered in your ImBox

Do you feel like it is important for it to be easy to handle your FAQ? That is why we have collected all of our operations in our ImBox. You have everything regarding your FAQ in one single login.

    • Easily create the content for your FAQ
    • See and follow the feedback that you get from your visitors
    • The statistics allow you to know how you can improve and adjust the content.

The right answer at the right time

The visitor can search and find the answer to their question, no matter which page they are on. Answers are updated and adjusted accordingly.

Correct information

The content is produced internally, which means that you can be 100% sure that the information is correct. Avoid long threads from visitors.

Analytics is the engine

In the analytics mode, everything that happens with Answers is visible for you. What visitors are searching for, how often they search and much more.

Regulated look

The widget is designed to look good on your website. You can, of course, choose your icons for your categories.

Shows up where you need it

You choose where you need the widget to be visible. It is also possible to combine with a chat.