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Collect our products for email, chat, and FAQ in ImBox One



Why spread out the products when you can collect them all through one login? Collect and handle all of the inquiries from chat, email, intern messages and social channels in ImBox One.


”Ohh-la-la this is great!”

It is proven extremely convenient to have all of these products provided by the same supplier.
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Hold your horses! Do I have to have everything at once?

Many of our customers have started with one of our products, to later extend their scope as their needs have changed. The most important thing is for us to be able to deliver what you need, once your needs grow.

A collection of powerful products and function under one roof.

ImBox Tickets – the only case management you need

All the cases from mail and social media will be collect in ImBox Tickets. Everything becomes structured and lucid.

ImBox Online – a chat for both sales and customer service

Guide to sales, increase your leads, handle and close your cases quicker with ImBox Online. Your visitors appreciate the possibility of having a personal dialogue.

ImBox Answers – the best answers to common questions

Handle all of the standard and recurring questions with ImBox Answers. Flexible for both you and your visitors.

Internal messages for colleagues and departments

Departments can create groups for their internal messages in ROOMS.

Easily connect our product to your app

If you have an app, our products are visible on that too. The users can chat with you or search in the FAQ service Answers, just as quickly as on a computer or tablet.

One login to retrieve all the statistics

We have collected the statistics for all our products in one place. Simple, clear and valuable.

Here is an example of what you can look at:

 • E-commerce tracking, NPS, the number of chats, labels, incoming sources

 • Views on an article, search results, feedback

 • Answer time, closed cases, categorization

We are sure of the value

ImBox One is a solution for you who wants to collect email, chat, and FAQ at one supplier. The working process gets more effective and you will save time and money by collecting it all in one place.

The products are customized to your needs.