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Our chat can be customized for you, to achieve maximal effect

ImBox Online lets you be available for the visitors and offer help as soon as they need it. Chat for both Sales and Customer Service.



With our chat, your conversion increases at the same time as you obtain a more efficient customer service, which can help more people more quickly. Do you want to know more?

Proactive chat makes a difference

  • Increase the conversion – influence your sales and leads generation
  • Reach new customer segments – many do not take the time to email or to call
  • Make the customer service more efficient – handle and close multiple cases quicker
  • Decrease the number of incoming calls – free time for customer service

No matter what you want to achieve with offering a chat function, your visitors will appreciate it.

Implementation of ImBox Online

ImBox is easy to implement and connect to your platform, regardless of which platform you are using!

Facebook Messenger directly in ImBox

Your messages from Facebook are now available directly in ImBox. You decrease the risk of missing messages and you keep all of your messages in one place.

  • Facebook messages are shown as normal chats
  • If you have multiple Facebook pages, you can easily connect them
  • You can see if the messages come from Facebook right away
  • Decide if you want to limit the number of co-workers that have access to the chats



Personal setup

Triggers, look, content and more are adapted for your website.

Adapted design

The chat is responsive and is adapted to your own graphic profile. You can use a form at specific times.

Easy to use desktop client

The chats appear through notifications on the screen and you use the client to respond to them. The chats can be divided between different co-workers as you wish.

The panel

Get an overview of how the instrument works. See response times, identify pages that generate the chats, the agent's activity and more.

Categorise chats

You can categorise your chats to enable you to search and see what type of chats you receive, for example, sales and support.


See the importance if the chat for your online sales in real time.


Let you objective rule the behavior of the chat

  • Decide on which pages the chat should be present and when it should be seen
  • The chat is only available when you are online, no bad will
  • Split the chats between your co-workers. Divide between sales, support etc. Let the source of the visitor, for example, Adwords, decide who the chat should reach.
  • Let measuring points such as the number of clicks, the length of the visit, the number of products in the shopping cart or the visit to a certain page trigger the chat

Together we put up a trigger system that will help you to utilize the chat in the best way.

Quick and personalized service is a given fact today

Offer your visitors a high availability and interactive experiences, and create positive associations for your brand.