We improve your business

We give you customized premium solutions for chat, case management, and FAQ. We put a lot of effort into you getting the maximal effect out of our products.

Participation promotes the result

As a customer, you have an idea of what you want from the products.

That is why you get to mold the function of the tools to your liking.


The competence and performance

We the stand for the performance and competence of how the products are set up.

How we set up your products is the core of a successful result and maximal effect.


The follow-up makes the difference

Through analyzing the statistics continuously, we are able to improve the products, for you to always be able to have good communication with your visitors.

Easy-to-understand control panel

Everything is collected here for a clear overview of your active services. Everything from agents, chat logs, statistics and more.

Responsive design

Tablet, phone or computer? ImBox always adapts to the user’s device.

The knowledge that favors you

We follow up with statistics and helps you with advice and tips on how the effects can get optimized.

Education on the tools

You receive a personalized education where we go over the current tools and functions. You should understand and be comfortable with using our products.

Unique configurations

We look at notifications, the pattern of movement, clicks, conversion goals and much more when we customize the configuration.

Measure your results

Measure all the activity that happens with the products. Continuous measuring lets you divide the resources more efficiently. You get a distinct value on the channel.

The expectations of the consumers

The consumers expect the same service, no matter if they are online or in a store. To find strategies to link digital channels with offline is a big challenge for many companies.

With ImBox you receive important insights and valuable information on your visitors, which will help you strengthen the holistic experience online.

Companies back enormous resources to push traffic to their website

How much energy is put into reaching out to and helping the visitors?