ImBox introduces:
AI in Ticket Management & Chat

!The future of customer service is here. And it delivers what it promises.
Now you can revolutionise your customer service with ImBox’s generative AI assistant,
tailored for exceptional customer support in our Ticket Management and Chat.
Discover how AI can streamline your work and take your customer service to new, unimagined heights!

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Human 💜 AI = true

What makes ImBox’s new AI assistant so unique? The simple answer: it doesn’t replace humans – it’s your unbeatable partner.

Our generative AI summarises cases, translates texts and generates lightning-fast and accurate email and chat responses for you to evaluate and approve. A perfect fusion of technology and human touch. The result: A fast, personalised and quality-assured customer service that is absolutely world-class! And of course, your privacy is 100% guaranteed.

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AI in Case Management: Lightning-fast response suggestions in emails

Do you deal with more or less complex tickets every day? Then our new AI technology will revolutionise your world! The AI assistant for ImBox Ticket Management gives you smart, accurate and creative response suggestions in a matter of seconds. It allows you to cut response times significantly – without compromising on customer interaction.

✔︎ Super-fast response times 👉 help more people in way less time!
✔︎ Always high quality responses 👉 happier customers increase conversion!
✔︎ Reduced workload 👉 reduce costs and optimise results!

AI in Chat: Optimise interactions in real-time

Med vår otröttliga AI-assistent får du supersnabba svarsförslag på frågor i ImBox Chatt. Med den här funktionen kan du effektivisera din tid samtidigt som du får fler engagerade och nöjda kunder. AI-assistenten tränas vid varje användning och blir därför ännu vassare med tiden. Ökad försäljning? Ja, det kommer på köpet.

With our tireless AI assistant, you get super-fast suggested answers to questions in ImBox Chat. This feature allows you to work faster while increasing customer engagement and satisfaction. The AI assistant is learning from every time it is used and therefore also improves over time. Increased sales? Yes, that’s a bonus.

✔︎ Immediate and accurate answers in chat 👉 help more people way faster!
✔︎ Personalised customer engagement 👉 satisfied customers increase conversion!
✔︎ Improved efficiency 👉 reduce support costs and maximise results!

Our new AI assistant, ImBox AI, is like our very own superhero here at Customer Support! An amazing assistant that not only listens to the needs, but also delivers on them with precision and reliability. It is like having a really reliable colleague who is always there when we need help.

– Susanne Sebestyen, Support Manager at STC

Summarise tickets and chats in no time

AI in Ticket Management & Chat

Are you drowning in long, messy tickets and chat conversations? The AI assistant gives you a lifeline to rely on. It turns long texts and threads into easy-to-understand summaries, saving you time – so you can focus on more important things.

✔︎ Quick summaries 👉 increase understanding and save time!
✔︎ Optimised processes 👉 seamless and more efficient customer service!
✔︎ Clearer interactions 👉 simplify and streamline workflow!

AI in Ticket management & Chat gives you: 

Fast, accurate responses in email and chat
👉 help more people in way less time! 


Personalised customer engagement and high quality answers
👉 happier customers who convert more!

Reduced workload and increased efficiency
👉 reduce support costs and maximise results!

Are you ready for the future of customer service?

Vill du förbättra tillgängligheten samtidigt som du sänker utgifterna för supporten? Vill du få ännu bättre kundnöjdhet och öka din försäljning? Då finns det inget att vänta på. Boka en demo med oss så visar vi hur enkelt det är för dig att bli en del av framtidens kundservice!

Do you want to improve availability while reducing support costs? Do you want to improve customer satisfaction and increase your sales? Then there is nothing to wait for. Book a demo with us and we’ll show you how easy it is for you to become part of the future of customer service!

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“It is the symbiosis between AI and humans that provides the best customer experience by far. With new technology our AI generate lightning-fast response suggestions, translations and summaries – but it’s the human who ensures the quality with their personal touch.”

– Marcus Johansson, IT Manager at ImBox