Creating customer relationships online has never been easier. 

Revolutionize your customer service with ImBox customer service tools: AI powered Ticket management system and Chat, Switchboard Telephony, FAQ, Help Center & Forms – everything you need to provide world class customer service!

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Do you want to give your website visitors a personal touch, streamline your customer service cases or generate more business online? Our services are designed to give real people real and truly excellent service.

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ImBox AI 

Revolutionize your customer service with ImBox generative AI,
tailored for exceptional customer support in Case Management and Chat.

ImBox Ticket Management

Efficient ticket management that sorts and prioritize cases automatically. With the AI assistant you also get suggested answers in no time!

ImBox Chat

Chat with your website visitors and meet your customers where they are located. News! Save tons of time with our AI assistant!

ImBox Telephony

Smart, cloud-based telephony that gives you unique statistics. Wireless and seamless service for your customers.

Value creation
89% think ImBox has elevated their website to a more value-added channel.

93% of customers found it easy to get started with ImBox.


94% of our customers would recommend ImBox to their network.



What do we do?

Customer relations made easy 

Building customer relationships is easy in the real world. We want it to be just as easy online. The fact that our services are developed together with our customers is no coincidence. All our services are developed to help you get closer to your customers and exceed their expectations. Because no matter what channel your customers choose to contact you through, they should experience seamless world-class service.

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Your solution is really easy to use for both us as a company and for our customers. You make it easy for us to deliver good customer service and to handle many cases on a low staffing level!

Zandra Strömberg, Gina Tricot

”One size fits all” only apply to rain ponchos. 

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