Our clients use cookies

Our clients have chosen to employ a more personal customer service outlook on our website with the help of one or more ImBox services; ImBox Online (chat), ImBox Answers (FAQ) and ImBox Forms (contact forms), referred to as “the service”. The service requires the use of cookies. A cookie is a small text file that is stored on your computer when you visit a website.


The service uses cookies to save settings and statistics, for example, if the service should be raised/lowered, the number of times the service is visited, a visitor’s traffic source, which pages are popular and less popular, etc., as well as for identifying trusted traffic and making the user experience as good as possible. By knowing how users use the service, our clients can develop and improve the service according to their needs which provides a customized and personal experience.
No personal or sensitive data is stored in the above mentioned cookies. Our ambition is simply that you as a visitor should experience the same personal customer service online as you would in a physical store.


The service uses functional cookies and session cookies. Functional cookies are stored on your computer for a limited period of time, or until you or the server delete them. Session cookies are stored temporarily on your computer and deleted when you close your browser.



All cookies are classified as ”Strictly necessary” and need to be present for the widget to function. In addition to cookies, our widget saves data in SessionStorage during the current session. Session data is prefixed with ”imbox-” and is used to save temporary data when the visitor navigates around your page, e.g. last read message and navigation inside the widget.

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All cookies are classified as necessary.


30 days

Saves anonymised visitor information such as unique visitor id and timestamps. Used for chat connection & stats.


30 days

Used when visitor consents


One year

Set on banned visitors to disable widget


30 days

Timestamps for last interaction with , used for showing notifications.



This cookie policy is valid from and including 25 May 2018.